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Convo Screen (Text)

Your sent messages have a blue background and white text. The number in the bottom right shows how much time is left until the message deletes off of both the sender’s and recipient’s phones. You can press Clear at any time to erase all messages of off both your phone and the recipient’s phone.

Convo Screen (Pics)

Set up almost identically to the text convo screen, Privatext’s convo screen for pictures lets you separate your pictures and your texts in a neatly efficient manner. Press the camera icon to either take a picture to send, or select a picture from your phone’s camera roll. When you take a picture with Privatext’s camera, the picture you take will never be saved to your phone’s camera roll.



Contacts Screen

On this screen you’re able to view all of your current Privatext contacts. Hold down on a contact’s name to edit the contact.

You Screen

Settings lets you customize your Privatext, with settings ranging from ‘Require Log In’, to ‘Show Expired Unread Messages’.

Password setup lets you change your password at any time. Your PIN shows your current Privatext PIN, which you can change at any time by pressing the ‘Change’ located to the right. To send someone your Privatext PIN easily, simply press ‘Share’. You can also ‘Copy’ your PIN and send it in a regular text message, email, or social media post.

Message lifespan shows how long your Privatext messages will ‘live’ for before they delete. Options range from 30 seconds to 24 hours, as well as the option for your message lifespan countdown to begin after it is read by the recipient.



Settings Screen

Here you can customize your Privatext settings.

When ‘Require Log In’ is turned on, you will be required to enter your password when you exit Privatext.

When ‘Show expired unread messages’ is turned on, your unread sent messages will not clear themselves from your Convo window until you manually clear them or log out. Your messages will always be cleared from the recipient’s Convo window regardless of this setting. You can
tell when your sent message has been deleted from the recipient’s phone when the white text of the message turns yellow.