Privatext Inc.


Very clever concept, functions seem to be intuitive. Will use in practice to keep prying eyes off sensitive client info. A must for professionals and anyone who just wants to ensure privacy.

- Corp attny

Great for texting and pics!   

So much fun! And covers your important stuff

- Ljj2788

Amazing app, very intuitive and easy to use   

I just bought this and already my clients are I are much more at ease due to the security and speed offered by this important messaging app. Will only be using this for sending all of my important pictures and messages.

- Joe L86

Genius idea!   

Great app.! Why would you text any other way, than with Privatext. Knowing that your private info is not stored on any phone company's server anymore is priceless. It's easy to use, and fun watching the text disappear into thin air.

- Lox2dash

Best text app out there   

This concept is unreal. All my personal info is now in the hands of no one but myself. If you don't want people seeing your private texts or pics, this app is for you!!!

- Bl1ndAmbition

Awesome App!   

This thing is great! A definite must have for any smartphone user!!

- AceMaclay

Great job   

I'm very happy with the way this app has helped me secure vital info for my business.

- Herrer@

Awesome App   

Awesome concept. Very fast messenger. Won't have to worry about clients' info now being sent thru text. Good job.

- JDNets

Love it

Brilliant app. Has been perfect for my company’s need of keeping information confidential. Also happens to be incredibly fun to use. Strongly recommend.

- Jerry Goldsmith



A Communication Revolution

If a stranger told to you:
“Let’s make a deal. Sign this contract and every conversation you’ll ever have from this point forward will be tape recorded, and may or may not be saved forever.”
Would you sign the contract?
Of course not.
Yet every day, you accept these very rules using old-fashioned texting apps and messaging apps.
Every message you send or receive becomes permanent, giving you zero control over whether or not your messages live on forever.
Until now.
Privatext brings the privacy and comfort of a face-to-face conversation, right to your smartphone.
With Privatext, the only person with control over your messages is you.
Stop following old rules.
Start making new ones.

Welcome to Privatext

  • With Privatext’s ‘Confirmation Texting’ option and the ability to Clear sent messages before they’re read, you never have to worry about sending a text to the wrong person.
  • With Privatext, you can choose if you’d like your messages password protected.

  • Avoid identity theft by sending credit card information, social security numbers, and other sensitive information via Privatext.
  •  You can refresh your PIN at any time so you only keep in touch with the people you wish to stay in touch with.